Writer Guidelines


Stories with sex, profanity, excessive violence, or that belittle traditional family values or religion will not be considered. To get a feel for what we will and will not accept, please purchase a sample copy. You can find single issue sales and subscription information on our website.

Simultaneous submissions will not be considered. All simultaneous submissions will be recycled without reply. Because of our current backlog, expect processing time to be around four to six months. Any questions or comments can be e-mailed to the fiction director at fiction@leadingedgemagazine.com.

Submissions may be sent to the following address with the appropriate genre in the attention line (fiction director or poetry director):

Leading Edge Magazine
Attn: [Genre] Director
4087 JKB
Provo, UT 84602

Manuscripts may also be submitted electronically as attachments in .doc or .rtf form to fiction@leadingedgemagazine.com.

For more information . . .

Flash Fiction Contest

After the unfortunately unsuccessful Art Reappropriation Contest that was meant for this issue, we are now instituting a contest with a much broader base of appeal, and much easier for prospective writers to access.

And so for Issue 65 of Leading Edge Magazine, we are holding a FLASH FICTION writing contest. We are considering “flash fiction” to be stories under 1500 words in length. These are stories that hold an entire narrative within mere moments of reading, stories that put sudden twists on otherwise ordinary occurrences, stories that are easy to consume and yet never leave the reader’s mind, stories that are condensed down into the fewest number of words possible and draw out meaning more strikingly and effectively than whole novels.

In short, think of the opposite of Robert Jordan. Or Brandon Sanderson. Or J.K. Rowling. All fine novelists, but famed more for their epic works than careful concision.

Since they’re short, we’re allowing the reader to submit up to three (3) stories. Depending on how much participation we get from our readers (that’s you), we will publish between three to five of the very best flash fiction stories we get. Our deadline is Halloween 2013.

The same rules and restrictions from previous contests apply here. To be considered your story must abide by the same standards we hold for our regular short stories. This means they must:

Lastly, we want to make it clear that we can’t pay you if you win; this is about fame, not fortune, but we hope it may help you on the path to earning that fortune someday—or at least artistic fulfillment.

Email submissions to editor@leadingedgemagazine.com with the subject heading “Flash Fiction Contest.” Any questions or inquiries can also be sent to the above email address.

All entries for this contest must be submitted or postmarked by October 31, 2013.

Deadline: October 31, 2013




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