Issue 67

The much-anticipated Issue 67 is finally here! You can order your physical copy here. Below you will find submitted bios of contributors.

Short Story Authors

Conner E. Alford – The Humanity Harvest
A full time graduate student, teaching assistant, and political science researcher at Oklahoma State University, Conner Alford is dedicated to understanding human behavior by any means necessary. When he’s not investigating the world through empirical research–published in The Eagle Feather and featured at conferences in Baltimore, Chicago, and Kansas City–he seeks to explore the more subjective aspects of reality through his fiction–featured at the Scissor Tail Creative writing festival in Ada, Oklahoma. He is extremely happy to be making his debut publication in the world of science fiction with Leading Edge Magazine.

Michelle Hubbard – Tale for a Winter’s Night
Michelle returned to BYU at the tender age of 41 to pursue a bachelor’s in English with an editing minor. This is her second publication with Leading Edge, and she hopes not the last. She is also a volunteer for the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference, where she workshops her fantasy manuscripts every June in Sandy, Utah. Michelle has two children, two cats, and a husband who will read Shakespeare with her, watch movies with sub-titles, and participate in Doctor Who marathons.

K. J. Lane – The Inquisition
K.J. Lane was born and still resides in Cork, Ireland. He is a Master graduate of University College Cork and is currently working on his first science fiction novel. Previous short stories have been published at the and Weavering Knight. His current obsessions are Game Of Thrones, Falling Skies and watching reruns of Firefly. A keen fan of Twitter, please follow @KJ_Lane.

John D. Payne – You Will Know
John D. Payne grew up in the American Midwest, watching the lightning flash outside his window and imagining himself as everything from a leaf in the wind to the god of thunder. Today, he lives with his wife and family near Houston, where he imagines that with enough concentration he will be able to kill mosquitoes with his mind.  His debut novel, The Crown and the Dragon, was recently published by WordFire Press. His stories can also be found in One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn Anthology, edited by Lisa Mangum, and the upcoming Tides of Impossibility, from Skipjack Press and the Houston Writers Guild.




John Reinhart – “Horrific Punctuation”
An arsonist by trade, eccentric by avocation, John Reinhart lives in Colorado with his wife and children, and beasts aplenty, including a dog, cat, duck, goats, chickens, and probably mice. His poetry has recently been published in Interfictions, Star*Line, Liquid Imagination, Scifaikuest, and Grievous Angel. See more of his work at

Stephen Williams – “Quiet Room”
Stephen Williams has bachelor and master’s degrees in mathematics from Central Michigan University and is a graduate of the UCLA creative writing certificate program. He worked as an engineer, a mathematician, a real estate developer, and a commercial vineyard manager.




Hunter Gay – artwork for The Inquisition

Kieran McGowan – artwork for A Tale for a Winter’s Night
Kieran McGowan is an artist from Boston. Throughout his work in film, illustration, and children’s writing, he is fascinated by the places where the whimsical and the terrifying meet, shake hands, suddenly realize they are shaking hands, then challenge each other to a thumb war to the death. He is currently working on a screenplay for a sci-fi thriller (for grown-ups) and a YA fantasy novel (for anyone who likes dragons and kung-fu).

Meagan Penley – artwork for You Will Know
Maegan Penley is an illustrator who currently hails from Virginia. Born in Georgia, she knew she was destined to become an artist. However, it wasn’t until the day her parents found the scribbles on the walls throughout the house that they realized the inevitable and bought her first drawing book. She now lives with her extraordinary husband and two slobbery dogs, and enjoys swimming, biking and long walks outdoors when she is not painting.

Rylie Savage – artwork for The Humanity Harvest
I have been interested in creating artwork since I was old enough to hold a crayon, and I haven’t stopped since then. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Illustration in May 2014 from Southern Utah University. I create my artwork to tell a story because I feel that it is a way for me to express to the world the messages that I think are most meaningful.