Issue 69

If offered the chance to become free from an eternity of demonic servitude at the risk of an innocent person dying, would you take it? How would you react to the sun disappearing? What would you do if your child was slowly being changed by a machine you can’t control? Find out how the demon’s messenger, the Dobbs family, and the refuse hunter react to each of these struggles. Issue 69 leads you through the streets of Paris, to what would have been a mundane life in Oklahoma, and into the danger-ridden Undercity. Discover these stories and some wonderful tips from professional authors in Issue 69 of Leading Edge Magazine.


The Demon’s Messenger by Madeline Olsen
The Blip by M.L.H. Perez
The Refuse Hunter’s Daughter by Will Gwaun


Interview: Victoria Schwab by Adam McLain
Review: This Savage Song (Victoria Schwab) by Mikki Kells
Interview: Michael J. Sullivan by Liz Blodgett
Review: Riyria Revelations (Michael J. Sullivan) by Joe Blodgett
The Lord of the Rings: A Journey Worth Taking by Kristen Evans
Plotting by the Book: Adam McLain


Letter from the Editor by Hayley Brooks
Daughter of Man Part 3 by Micah Cozzens
Nerd Table



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