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If you have any questions or comments regarding Leading Edge Magazine, please contact the appropriate person below. If you have questions regarding submissions, the answer can likely be found on the Submissions page on this website.

Editor in Chief: Heather White
Managing Editor:
Nicole Terry

Contact the Editor in Chief or the Managing Editor if you have questions regarding Leading Edge Magazine or general comments or concerns regarding the publication. We are always open to constructive commentary and suggestions.

Fiction Director:
Shelby Gardner

Contact the Fiction Director if you have questions about your submission, submitting your work, or questions about what is appropriate for submission. Please submit all fiction pieces to this email. More information about submissions can be found on the Submissions page on this website.

Poetry Director:
Zachary Scharman

Contact the Poetry Director if you have questions regarding poetry submissions. Please submit all poetry pieces to this email.

Nonfiction Director:
Kristen Evans

Contact the Nonfiction Director if you have questions regarding a non-fiction piece you would like to submit. Please submit all nonfiction pieces to this email.

Art Director:
Deborah Goldberg

Contact the Art Director if you want to submit your portfolio or have questions regarding the status of your portfolio. Please submit all portfolios to this email. Please check the submissions guidelines online first before you contact the Art Director.

Marketing Director:

Contact the Marketing Director if you are interested in advertising in conjunction with Leading Edge Magazine, have information on where or how Leading Edge Magazine can promote, or other marketing-related communication. Please put “MARKETING” in the subject line.


Heather White

When you contact the webmaster, please put “WEBMASTER” in the subject line. Any and all questions and suggestions regarding this website should be directed to the webmaster.

Responding to Email

When you email a staff member, they will typically respond within four days, excluding weekends and BYU holidays. Please note that communication is sometimes delayed between May and August. Leave your name and contact information as well as a clear question so responses can be quick and efficient. Any hostile communication will be reported to the proper authority.

If there is no name listed under the position, management will check that email and respond to you. If you haven’t received a response to your email within two weeks, please email the Editor in Chief.