Leadership Team

Management Team

img_5095Editor in Chief
Hayley Brooks

Hayley Brooks began her service as Editor in Chief in April 2016. She was drawn to the magazine during her sophomore year at Brigham Young University. While volunteering with Leading Edge she has served in many positions including Acquisitions Editor, Marketing Director, and Managing Editor. Over the last year she has helped restructure the volunteer positions to give volunteers more experience and mentoring opportunities, along with creating more leadership opportunities as the staff grew. She has a passion for Leading Edge because it provides desirable experience to students of various passions and majors; it also creates a community that is perpetuated beyond graduation.

Hayley has a passion for learning, so she chose to become an editor. She works as an editor for the Humanities Publication Center and University Communications, both at BYU. She is undecided as to what direction she’ll take her editing after graduation but is glad to have many options.

If Hayley had unlimited time and money, she would spend her days editing and reading, her nights attending culinary school, and her weekends designing fireworks shows. And maybe working as a postman.

Hayley will receive her BA in English language (linguistics) in April 2017; she is also minoring in editing and management.



Managing Editors
Adam McLain and Heather White

Adam McLain loves Nightwing, wants a Charmander and an Eevee, and spends most of his days at Starbucks (drinking apple juice) or watching Parks and Rec. He adores dogs and plans his entire life around owning one someday. He has worked at Leading Edge Magazine since 2013, beginning as an Acquisitions Editor, then becoming the Marketing Director and finally a Managing Editor. He also edited at Familius, Schwa, The Joseph Smith Papers, and BYU Human Resource Development. Adam, along with his schoolwork and various internships, also operates as a freelance book editor and is looking to continue his freelance work past graduation. He will graduate from BYU with a major in English and minors in communications, creative writing, and editing in April 2017, and plans to continue his path to becoming the most awesome professor in the universe. He is currently contemplating working for Teach for America for two years once he graduates to help him reach that goal.


Heather White is an English major and editing minor with an expected graduation date of April 2018. She started working at Leading Edge because she grew up with a great love for science fiction and fantasy and wanted to promote the genres she is passionate about. She stayed at Leading Edge because of the atmosphere and the opportunities to improve her editing skills and ability to communicate with authors. Heather began working at Leading Edge as an Acquisitions Editor in Winter 2015, which involved substantively editing submissions and being a deciding factor in whether a story was accepted or not. She then became the Fiction Director and, as the Fiction Director, oversaw the Acquisitions Editors, communicated with authors, sent out rejection letters, and gave short trainings on editing submissions. She became a Managing Editor and now oversees the Community, Poetry, and Art departments. Heather is close to completing the editing minor and has been a teaching assistant for Modern American Usage since September 2015. Heather has a variety of interests and talents that, in addition to reading and writing, include Taekwondo, soccer, discus, shotput, racquetball, stained glass, horseback riding, medieval weapons, and cosplay. Her current cosplay costumes are an imperial officer, Red Link (her brothers are Green, Blue, and Dark Link), Vin from Mistborn, and a Mandalorian mercenary. She mainly writes humorous short stories and is working on a full length novel.


Department Directors

Mara Kellogg

Mara Kellogg is a native Utahn majoring in English and minoring in editing. She joined Leading Edge Winter 2014 when she was looking for a community of like-minded writers and readers. As Fiction Director, she reads fiction submissions and trains new members of Leading Edge to do the same. She loves this job because it allows her a close-up and exciting view of the creative stories that are submitted. Mara enjoys reading, traveling, and listening to world music. She plans on graduating in Fall 2017.

Deborah Goldberg

Deborah Goldberg used to chew on pencils and now is addicted to drawing and can’t stop. When she is not illustrating or reading , she can be found pacing around her house while talking to herself and eating food. Lots of food. She has read Howl’s Moving Castle more times than is probably healthy. She joined Leading Edge Magazine in Fall 2015 as the Art Director.



Bryan Hall

Bryan Hall is a junior at Brigham Young University slated to graduate sometime in 2018 with a degree in genetics and a minor in editing. He hopes to pursue a career in agricultural entrepreneurship. In spite of this boring beginning, his interests have brought him to lead the poetry team at Leading Edge Magazine. Bryan’s other pastimes include fencing, space habitat design, and ballroom dance.


Liz Blodgett

Liz Blodgett is the Nonfiction Director at Leading Edge Magazine. She is an English major, editing minor, and loves analyzing literature—especially fantasy novels. Liz was invited to Leading Edge by a few close friends and has never looked back. Her duties include author interviews, book reviews, and content creation that focuses on notable contributions to the genres we all know and love. Liz will graduate in August 2017 and enjoys sewing, young adult literature, and anything that has to do with Spider-man.


Heidi Bonham

Heidi Bonham was born in Torrance, California and is now studying English Language and Editing at Brigham Young University. Heidi was drawn to graphic and layout design through classes and programs at BYU. While positioned as Art Director for Schwa linguistics journal, she was recruited to Leading Edge Magazine and has since enjoyed her time here. She will graduate in April of 2017 and will be working for a local web design company after graduation.


Amy Conway

Unable to keep her love for fantasy to herself, Amy Conway has found her calling as the Community Director of Leading Edge Magazine in order to expose more readers to the unexpected, the peculiar, and, of course, the fantastic stories published in every issue. Amy embarked on her own adventure teaching English in South Korea for two years and recently completed an internship with Future House Publishing as a member of their marketing team and the manager of their blog. When she’s not reading or writing her own fantasy stories, Amy spends her time blogging and maintaining a personal website. Amy Conway is a junior at BYU majoring in English with an editing minor.  She plans on graduating in the summer of 2017.


Deborah Jenson

Deborah Jenson is an English major and an Editing minor. She is set to graduate Fall of 2017 and couldn’t be more excited to never take another test. Her obsession with all things science fiction/fantasy brought her to Leading Edge as well as the suggestion of a kind professor. Deborah is the Marketing Director for Leading Edge! She has worked in various marketing positions for the past 8 years and enjoys building a community through her work. Her favorite book, at this moment in time, is Fox in Sox by Dr. Seuss as this is the book that makes her 16 month old son giggle out of control.