The Space Age Has Arrived


When I was a little girl I loved to watch The Jetsons on Saturday mornings.

For those of you who are too young to know, The Jetsons  was a cartoon about a family that lived in Orbit City during some future time. There were so many exciting inventions that the family used. They had TVs on which you could call your friend and actually see them while talking to them from clear across town. There were even cooking contraptions where you would put in your food, press a button, and in just a few seconds it would beep and the food was cooked! The father, George Jetson, flew to work in a UFO-shaped vehicle. The mother, Jane Jetson, had robots that did all the cleaning. It was fun to imagine such a world.

Fifty years later, I live in that world! I have both a phone and an iPad that allow me to see and talk to someone on the other side of the world. I own a microwave, which allows me to cook or heat food in mere seconds.  I live in the world I could only dream of during my childhood.

One of the other futuristic activities of The Jetsons was space travel. George zoomed around in his UFO-shaped vehicle in a space colony. Today we are still dreaming of traveling in space. However, this idea of space travel is not just a vague dream. Several companies are working on rockets that can take passengers into space just for the thrill of it.

One such company is Blue Origin. This company is based out of the Seattle, Washington, area and they are well on their way to making space travel a viable activity. Over the past few years, Blue Origin has built a rocket with a detachable pod on the top for passengers that separates from the rocket once it has left the earth’s gravity.  As the rocket returns to the earth, engines ignite that slow it down and allow it to land gently on a landing pad. The pod carrying the passengers lands safely in a different area.

So far, Blue Origin has launched this rocket and landed it successfully five times! This truly is the stuff of science fiction—yet it’s happening! To see the actual flight tests for yourself, go to the Blue Origin website. Or you can click here to watch the very first test flight! It’s just like watching a sci-fi movie—but better because it’s real!

Blue Origin will continue their progress into space travel. They are hoping to have their rocket ready to carry passengers next year. So save up your money and book a flight.

The space age has arrived; you just didn’t know it!

—Phyllis Rosen













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