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img_2652The HEROIC Team

With Halloween coming up, my thoughts have turned to costumes, particularly sci-fi and heroic costumes! In search of the perfect idea, I ran across a man who makes his own costume—not just your average run-of-the-mill ones either, but amazing all-out ensembles. Drew Anderson, a mechanical engineer by day, makes outfits from sci-fi movies that look like the real thing.

His first costume was an Iron Man suit complete with lights that dazzle in the palms, body suit, and helmet. This suit, made of EVA foam mats, took 250 hours to produce. It’s quite stiff, making it hard to be in the costume for more than two hours at a time as Drew quickly learned.

His second suit, Groot, from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, took only 115 hours! Drew learned how to use nylon webbing straps to hold the EVA foam together in order to make the Groot costume more flexible and therefore much easier to move in. Drew is 6ft 7in tall, but when he dons the Groot costume, he is 8ft tall.

However, the most interesting thing about Drew Anderson is how he actually uses his costumes. Drew belongs to a charity called Heroes Engaging Real Organizations in Charity, or HEROIC for short. HEROIC is a non-profit organization of costumers who dress up and attend community events in order to promote and encourage participation in supporting local charities. Members create costumes based on comic book heroes and other fantasy and science fiction characters. HEROIC can be seen at major sci-fi conventions such as Comic Con and Dragon Con, where they host a booth so others can donate to worthy causes. Go to to see their amazing work or even join in!

If your neighborhood is having a “fun run” or other charity event, call HEROIC and they will come dressed up and ready to motivate!

—Phyllis Rosen














Drew’s Groot costume in progress (left, center), and completed Groot with Michael Rooker, who played Yando in Guardians of the Galaxy (right).














Drew’s Army Man (left) and Iron Man (right) costumes.

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