Victoria Schwab and the THIS SAVAGE SONG Tour

Victoria Schwab. What is there to say about this wonderful woman? It was a delight to attend her event at the King’s English this past Friday, July 8. She has an engaging personality to match the enthusiasm of her fans. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the event.

The evening focused on a Q&A and then signing. Questions ranged from her online presence to her work ethic. Some fun things we learned about Victoria:

  • She has a master’s in monsters (well, a master’s in art history with an emphasis on the medieval depiction of monsters—same thing, right?)
  • She reads 100 to 125 books every year
  • She has a short English mother who trolls her on Twitter (probably the most amazing factoid of the night)
  • She uses stickers to reward herself
  • She has published eleven books in the last five years, with even more coming

One of the best parts about the event was the mice! To help facilitate questions (since Victoria hates simply talking), she handed out chocolate mice to every person who asked a question.

Throughout the night, I was impressed with Victoria’s knowledge about writing and her passion for her craft. She seemed to truly enjoy interacting with fans of her work. She is a fantasy author who is here to stay—and I expect a lot of awesome, unique, and monstrous things from her in the future!

At the Q&A, we learned that Victoria puts out a large word count every month, something every author aspires to do. How does she do it? She uses a calendar and sticker reward system. Every month she sets up a few stickers that she can earn on a given day. These stickers can stand for anything. For Victoria, they’re usually things like “Read 100 pages in a book” or “Exercise” or “Write 500 words.” Every time she completes the task, she puts a sticker on the day and feels accomplished because of it. We call it Kindergarten-chique.

So, I decided to try it. I got a calendar and bought some stickers:


I’ll let you know how it goes!

I also had the privilege of interviewing Victoria before the book signing. The full transcript of that interview will be in Leading Edge Issue 69, publishing in December. And remember to go out and buy THIS SAVAGE SONG, a wondrous tale about the monstrosity and humanity inside all of us.

To the Edge and Beyond,
Adam McLainManaging Editor

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