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Hey there, Leading Edgers!

Hayley Brooks here, the newly appointed Editor in Chief. I’ve been on the staff for two years now, and I can’t wait to spend my final year at BYU growing Leading Edge Magazine.

This is our first-ever “State of the Edge.” We’ll bring it to you annually in May to discuss where the magazine is and where it’s headed.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about some changes we’ve made and what this upcoming year is going to look like.

In April we said farewell to Leah Welker. She served as Editor in Chief for Issues 67 3/4 and 68. She graduated from BYU with a major in English language and minors in editing and modern Hebrew. We wish her the best as she looks to make a career as an editor.

To fill the vacancy in the management team created by Leah’s graduation, I have appointed Heather White, formerly our Fiction Director, to serve as a Managing Editor. Mara Kellogg will return as Fiction Director, having taken some eventful time off to study at the BYU Jerusalem Center. We are currently seeking to fill other leadership vacancies for the upcoming year, but we’re excited with our current volunteer team and look forward to finding other passionate members.

This year we will be publishing two issues, Issue 69 (December 2016) and Issue 70 (April 2017). We are also currently working on a project that would bring about a third issue, releasing in August. We have our fingers crossed; this edition would be a real treat if it all works out.

At Leading Edge Magazine, we recognize the importance of interacting with you, our readers. We are increasing our activity on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as here on our website. As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve slowly been updating our website; thank you for your patience as we go through this process. Because of this update and the format of the website, we’ve decided to bring you a blog post on the first day of every month. These posts, written by one of our volunteer staff members, will be on anything science fiction and fantasy. Want some info on a specific topic? Want us to start a discussion? Send us your idea; if we like it, we’ll use it in a future post.

If you’ve picked up a recent issue on Amazon, you’ll notice that we’ve started a new project. We’ve dubbed it “Loading the Canon.” You know how there are canons of certain genres or time periods? Once you’ve read those books, you have a pretty good grasp of whatever the canon was created for. (For an example, check out the Western canon here, the media that is thought to be the most influential in shaping western thought.) However, we found that there isn’t a science fiction or fantasy canon. In your opinion, what book do you think deserves to be in either canon? Write a short essay in defense of your choice and send it to If your essay is well-written and does a good job of defending your choice, we’ll publish it both online and in a print issue of Leading Edge. Send any questions about Loading the Canon to this email as well.

As always, we are also accepting submissions for fiction, poetry, and art. You can find our guidelines here on the website for fiction, poetry, art, and nonfiction. We love reviewing your work. Because of the volume of submissions that we receive in our fiction department, it currently takes 6 to 12 months for us to respond to you. We are hoping to get through all of the submissions currently in our queue by the end of August, though we can’t guarantee this ambitious goal.

Last but not least, the entire Leading Edge Magazine staff wants to say thank you to you, our readers and contributors. We would be a much different magazine without you. So thank you for your support, marketing, and advice.

To the Edge and Beyond,

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