Now Available: Issue 68

Cover_68Issue 68 is now available on Amazon! You can purchase your physical copy here. We will be creating a Kindle edition in the near future for those of you who prefer your eReader. If you love the issue, please leave a review on Amazon so other speculative fiction fans can discover it!

We worked with some great authors, poets, and artists to bring you an issue full of the science fiction and fantasy you love. Below are summaries of our short fiction, along with the authors and illustrators. You’ll also find poetry, a nerd table, an interview with Dave Butler, and more in your copy. We hope you enjoy it!

Charming by Kirstie Olley, illustrated by Katie Wald
Prince James of Handrell isn’t your typical Prince Charming, but he does rescue princesses in peril. When faced with a new challenge, Prince James finds that he can’t go it alone. Can Prince James save the princess and save his own kingdom before it’s too late?

Loneliness in a Cold Wind by Richard Wolkomir, illustrated by Ashley Sanborn
Silver looks forward to leaving her old life behind as she moves forward on a dirigible and must redefine her sense of adventure.

Destiny by Forest Taylor, illustrated by Corinna Caldron
Destiny lives on a cold, nearly lifeless planet with Lorne, spending her nights listen to his stories and lamentations. But one day an unexpected visitor arrives and Destiny finds that she must venture into the depths of the planet in order to save everything.

Earth & Ice by Leah Welker, illustrated by Kate Brindley
Damon finds comfort in Ella’s friendship as he navigates the waters of being a Wielder. He must overcome his past and forgive himself in a tale of self-acceptance and love.

Twenty Minutes to Mars by Samuel Kabakoff, illustrated by John Hinderliter
Cassius Pryce, vice president of Johnson Transportation, lives in the age of instantaneous interplanetary travel. He goes to Mars in the hopes of making a lucrative deal and finds that his journey home will be more difficult than he planned.

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