Now Available: Issue 67

Issue 67, featuring You Will Know, The Inquisition, The Humanity Harvest, Tale for a Winter’s Night, and much more, can be purchased now on Amazon! You can buy your copy here.

Issue 67 was an adventure with many challenges, but the staff of Leading Edge has made it into a valuable experience. We’ve learned more about our staff, the optimal way to run the publication, and what exactly our readers crave. We thank you immensely for your support.

We are now delving into our next two projects: Issue 67 3/4 and Issue 68. Issue 68 will be a traditional issue of Leading Edge, while Issue 67 3/4 will be a special treat. For 67 3/4 we invited past members of Leading Edge staff to submit their work for publication, and we will print exclusively from those submissions. (If you have questions regarding 67 3/4, please email us at

And, of course, please keep your flash fiction coming! We’ve received some interesting submissions so far, and we’d like to hear from even more of you. You can find out more on our contest page.

Copyright Leading Edge Magazine. All rights reserved.

Copyright Leading Edge Magazine. All rights reserved.

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