One of my favorite authors once wrote, “Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint.” I know, I know, there are two criticisms that could potentially be applied to taking a serious look at this quote. One of them is that it was written by Jane Austen, […]

Running Mad: Finding Courage in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Let me preface what you are about to read: these beginning lines were created by me and other Leading Edge Magazine volunteers and as such are meant to be terrible. The unicorn dipped his horn into the water. The murk receded from where the horn touched the water. I slashed […]

Why I Hate Unicorns: Musings on Submissions

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Hey there, Leading Edgers! Hayley Brooks here, the newly appointed Editor in Chief. I’ve been on the staff for two years now, and I can’t wait to spend my final year at BYU growing Leading Edge Magazine. This is our first-ever “State of the Edge.” We’ll bring it to you […]

State of the Edge 2016