The Duck and the Dragon Issue 66

The Duck and the Dragon

There once was a Quantum Duck and an over-protective dragon. This is their story…

Issue 66

Issue 66 can be found here.

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We're Semi-Professional

We're staffed exclusively by volunteers. This means our authors and artists reap the benefits. Our income is kicked back to authors and artists, as well as an occasional marketing campaign. We try to cut costs on our end - like converting to on-demand printing through Amazon - so we can give back to you.

Here Since 1980

The Leading Edge was established by Brigham Young University students over 30 years ago. We have a history with some of today's big names in science fiction and fantasy, like Dan Wells and Brandon Sanderson. Our dedication to bringing you the best hasn't changed.

We're Here to Listen

If you have any comments, questions, submissions, or reviews of the magazine, please contact us! We're always looking for feedback so we can give you the best of what you want. We hope you hold us to a high standard.


Only the Best

Once we receive a submission, it goes through an intense review process, usually seeing four pairs of eyes, before it is selected for possible publication. If we like what we see, we'll set up an editing team and contact you. Think you have what it takes to have your work in Leading Edge? Send in your work today.

21st Jun 2015
Our New Website

Our New Website

We welcome old and new fans to the new Leading Edge Magazine website. As of today, we are roughly halfway through the completion process. We’ve decided to ditch the retro...